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Abigail Mothmun

Abigail Mothmun

Abigail Mothmun.


'The Daughter of the Mothman is fresh out of daycare and looking for her next victim...uh, .we mean babysitter.

With two sets of hands, she's able to get into twice the mischief of a regular toddler and is able to leap baby gates in a single bound thanks to her set of, what we originally thought were play-wings.

Abigail Mothman is composed of a hand-sculpted face, molded and cast vintage doll hands, a plethora of repurposed fabrics sewn into a delightfully deviant onesie with upcycled vintage buttons and altered rose-colored sunglasses. Approx. 19" tall with 12" long pose-able antennae.



A creation of The Clockwork Ticker.


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