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Anthologies (Signed by contributor Benjamin Kissell)

Anthologies (Signed by contributor Benjamin Kissell)

Three separate Anthology Series featuring author Benjamin Kissell, signed and/or dedicated.


Cocky Tales- A Multi-Genre Anthology - All works featuring the word 'Cocky' in their titles, brought about through the now-infamous 'Cocky Gate' incident.


Shadows Within the Labyrinth- Tales of the Dark, the Obscure, and the Fantastic - Works featuring the strange and mysterious.


America in Twilight- Not Quite True Tales & Poems through America. A collection of stories concerning travels and happenstance in America, featuring 'winnebaGODS on high: Greek Gods on a Road Trip' and 'A'sleeping Beauty: a grim and modern fairy tale'.



Anthologies of varying lengths. All signed by contributor Benjamin Kissell.

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