Ethically Sourced Troll Tails

Ethically Sourced Troll Tails

Ethically Sourced Troll Tails!

North American Troll species have been known to drop their tails when startled or alarmed. This is similar to when a Skink sheds its tail to evade a predator. Completely harmless to the tail-dropper, and a boon to those who wander trails behind them.


These particular tails have been adorned with yarn, string, and the occasional bit of plant life. In the interest of hygiene and fashionable wearability, we have washed them thoroughly and attached a convenient key fob/keychain combo that's perfect for attaching them to belt loops on clothing.


Troll Tails range in length from approx. 16-36" and are created from faux fur and varying types of yarn with metal key fob/keychain hardware.


Price includes processing, shipping, and handling.


A product of The Underbridge Society.