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Floraline a Flower Faerie

Floraline a Flower Faerie

A recent addition to the Huldufolk that have passed through our home: Floraline, a Flower Faerie.

With a delightful and airy personality, Floraline brings with her all the wistfulness, lightness, and joy that comes with the perfect Spring day.


Floraline stands nearly 18" tall and approx. 14" from fingertip to fingertip. She is handsculpted with polymer clays and has slightly bendy rooty toes. She does possess some limb mobility, but it is very limited and she would shine brightest with a doll stand to support he very full and be-pettaled skirt. She is a delicate one of a kind sculpture, not meant for heavy play or rough-housing.


Floraline is a creation of the Clockwork Ticker.

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