Hildegarde the Bog Troggle

Hildegarde the Bog Troggle

Hildegarde the Bog Troggle came through recently in search of a home that would best suit her and her fly-nomming companions.

One of the more exotic, and yet not excessively swampy, specimens of Bog Troggle we've come across in the years since we've been researching and rehoming. She is also quite possibly the sassiest, shaking her be-shroomed staff and clucking hither, thither, and yon.


Hildegarde is approx 10" tall and 10" long with slightly posable arms and a removable mushroom staff. She is comprised of a mildly flexible polymer clay with repurposed fabric, faux fur and floral elements.


Hildegarde the Bog Troggle is a creation of The Clockwork Ticker.