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Little Pink Coat

Little Pink Coat

The Young Gentlemen - those furry, delightful, mysterious, and magical adventurers of The Clockwork Ticker fame - return ... or is it arrive?

In this tale - twenty-odd years before Douglas can begin his own adventures with Balthazar, Bartholomew, Collins, and the rest - we find Douglas' Uncles in that most awkward and wonderful of times: their teenage years and on their first date! Unsure of themselves and full of conscious and unconcsious angst, they go where everyone did in those halcyon days of the 1990's: The Mall.

But what awaits them on this fateful afternoon?

Why, their first meeting with a Young Gentleman of course - specifically, Balthazar (arguably the most iconic of Young Gentlemen in his vest and twee bow-tie). 

But what is an adventure with the Young Gentlemen without a monster to foul it up and risk it all?


80 pages
[Middle Grade to Young Adult read (first date), LGBTQ+ representation]


Price includes processing fees, shipping, and handling.


A creation of The Clockwork Ticker.

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