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Once Upon a Christmas Night: a Young Gentlemen tale

Once Upon a Christmas Night: a Young Gentlemen tale

The Young Gentlemen - those mysterious, furry, and friendly folk you've heard tell of are here in their very own Christmas adventure for you to take home!

Christmas Eve sees Douglas and his Parents visiting his Uncles' New England home for the holidays ... and amidst swirls of snow, a mysterious and magical tale begins as Douglas gets his Christmas wish early: the return of his Young Gentlemen friends Balthazar, Bartholomew, and Collins. What could possibly go wrong when magic, mystery, and a MONSTER entwine with a quiet Christmas Even of family and friends?

Will they - Douglas, his Uncles and friends, and the Young Gentlemen be able to discover a secret and stop the monster in time so that Father Christmas can deliver everyone's presents?


82 pages

[Middle Grade read, LGBTQ+ friendly]

Price includes processing fees, shipping, and handling.


A creation of The Clockwork Ticker.

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