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Once Upon a Cold Winter’s Night (Digital eBook)

Once Upon a Cold Winter’s Night (Digital eBook)

It's here - the first story of those iconic Clockwork Ticker figures, The Young Gentlemen!!

Douglas, an inquisitive and kind-hearted child, has returned to the quiet New England town of Fairwaters to spend the Christmas Holidays at his Uncles' large, seaside house; candles in the windows, carols at the spinets, snow frosting everything outside while a giant tree and twinkling lights fill the great house from attic to basement.


Cookies, cocoa, and creatures combine to make it a Christmas Douglas'll never forget when The Young Gentlemen - Balthazar, Bartholomew, and Collins - reluctantly let him (and Uncles Mike and James, and his best friend Caitlyn) in on secrets and mysteries (and magic) that he could only dream of. 

Join The Clockwork Ticker in this first official - but far from the last -  outing of Douglas and The Young Gentlemen! 

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