Puddle Pals Magnets (Winter 2020 Edition)

Puddle Pals Magnets (Winter 2020 Edition)

With the cold cold days of winter slowly becoming a distant memory, our seasonal remembrances are also sure to shift. These Winter 2020 Puddle Pals represent that seasonal shift. Nevermind the pained expressions on their faces, it's character building! Each Puddle Pal Snowman is ever-so-slowly melting over a magnet that will perfectly attach him to the front of your Frigidaire... ever-so-slightly out of reach of the cool embrace of the freezer.


Supplies are limited, just like their times of solidity. 

Act Fast!


Puddle Pals Magnets are made up of a few different types of polymer clay, acrylic paint, a bit of fabric, and a super strong magnet. They are approx. 2.5-3" x 3.4-4".


A Product of the Little Sister of The Clockwork Ticker.

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