Rutenacht (Digital Download)

Rutenacht (Digital Download)

From Fantasy Author Benjamin Kissell comes a short story of Krampus-y proportions!

Featuring everyone's favorite shape-shift faerie feline, Circe!


It's the dawn of the twentieth century, faeries are no longer spoken of in awe or fear in the cities, and yet in the countryside ...

Every year on Krampusnacht, ruten bundle changelings are left behind for faerie-napped children across Western Europe. Circe, cousin to the High Queens of Faerie, finds herself tugged away from cozy books and fireside naps in London to paw her way across the snowy countryside of Alsace-Lorraine in search of the missing children and the mysterious, elusive Krampus.



e-Book. Digital Download.


A Creation of Author Benjamin Kissell.