The Bog Troggle Celestine

The Bog Troggle Celestine

Bog Troggles. Guardians of the Marshes. 


The Bog Troggle Celestine. Order of the Glacial Pace. Bearer and Wearer of Slime Trails. Came to visit us slightly before the Thanksgiving holiday to give her thanks to those of us here at the gate, where the Bog Troggles cross over into this world. It's a good thing it was a four day weekend for us, because she was clearly in no hurry in her dispensing of niceties.


Bog Troggles are mixed media, midly pose-able soft sculpture comprised of polymer clay, faux fur, and fabric. Snail shells ethically sourced. Snails sculpted from polymer clay. This particular Bog Troggle is adorned with real moss.



A Creation of The Clockwork Ticker.




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