The Underbridge Society

For fans of the fantastic and the odd, we are the Underbridge Society, an eclectic alliance of artists delving into the shadows and ideas running behind, beneath, and below.
We were born from the combined efforts of Crown Street Cottage & The Clockwork Ticker who share this passion for the unusual and different and encouraging imagination and an appreciation of art and the fantastic in the world around us.


Society Members

The Clockwork Ticker - life with a re-purpose!

The Clockwork Ticker Team believes in bringing together the fantastic and the mundane; whether it’s a soft-sculpture figure, a story of monsters, or a re-purposed old toy we let our imaginations fly to new heights.

At our shows - and here online - you can find everything from Young Gentlemen to Scrapplings, and from Beasties to Huldufolk ... and the myriad of Bog Troggles in-betwixt.

Crown Street Cottage - Here at Crown Street Cottage we create traditional patterns with a modern flair.  18th century samplers are the foundation of our samplers but our modern day interests and love affairs are the inspiration for their content! 

The Skeleton Key Studio - is a haunted house filled with random bits and broken treasure.  A skeleton key can open every door, every pathway, portal, and mind to things perviously unseen in this place.  All the art produced here is made by Kay Wrenn... a little off kilter and wholly one of a kind. Just right for the happily earthbound, recently departed, or displaced soul.



Now that you have found us, have a wander, check out the booths, enjoy the sights and smells, watch your step... some of our friends don't feel the need to use a loo.

The Clockwork Ticker

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Crown Street Cottage

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The Skeleton Key Studio

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Author - Benjamin Kissell

... a native of Fredericksburg, VA (third generation in-town and still not trying all that hard to escape) and an avowed, lifelong lover of all things Faerie, glitter, purple, and fabulous. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Benjamin would like to consider himself an accomplished writer and author (despite the naturally self-deprecating tone inherent in snarky third person narcissistic narratives), having had his work appear in various articles, websites, anthologies and pamphlets over the years. His mother even hung up one of his articles on the fridge that one time after college.

He lives in an apartment generally described as the “illegitimate love child of a Toys’R’Us (circa 1989) and a comic shop” where it’s overrun with piles of novels and comic books, He-Man / She-Ra / X-Men toys, art, plenty of bitter, bitter black coffee and several surly (and occasionally affectionate) cats.

Oh, and his amazingly talented and handsome husband lives there, too.


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