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The internet has helped to broaden access to art for countless individuals, but there’s nothing quite like interacting with artwork in-person. The Underbridge Society events are a great opportunity to meet artists, explore their work, and expand your experiences with incredible art. Take a look at our calendar and mark yours with dates and places we can be found out in the wild!


2019 Art Attack Fredericksburg

September 21 - 10am-4pm

The Art Attack Project is a grassroots event that gets folks out of the studio and into the streets. By collectively making art in public, you get to meet fellow artists, share your creative process, and celebrate your local arts community. It's free to participate and all artists are welcome. Whether you're painting, drawing, sculpting, or whatever—if you can do your thing outside, we want you there!

For the eighth consecutive year, we'll have artists stationed on the sidewalks throughout downtown, transforming the Fredericksburg into one massive outdoor studio space. There's no better way to meet the visual artists of Fredericksburg. Plus, it's a great opportunity to see the creative process in action.

Come find us and say hi!


Saturday October 5.  11-5

The Underbridge Society and Spencer Devon Brewing, LLC. present:

The 453rd Annual Fredericksburg Troll Market
'First Year Above Ground!'

Join us for a day filled with the mysteries and wonders of the underground... above ground.

Vendors! Entertainers! Artisans! Trolls!

Experience a part of the world you probably never knew existed.

This is an all ages/all persons event.

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